Visit Banda Aceh 2011: Pucok Krueng Tourism

There was something that attracted our attention when we visited Pucok Krueng, located 18 km from the capital of Banda Aceh. It’s natural beauty will invite more people to experience it especially in this Visit Banda Aceh Year 2011 programs.  Beside its beautiful forest and aqua marine color pool, Pucok Krueng also have a stunning mountain climbing wall. It is part of Bukit Barisan,  a group of mountains that lined up along Sumatra island.
This hidden beauty forest is around the complex of Semen Andalas in Lhok Nga. It is only 2 km from the back side of this cement factory complex. You have to go from the old road that ruined by Tsunami Aceh in 2004 just beside the complex and get into the village with full beautiful ricefield landscape along your way to Pucok Krueng.
You can do more than swimming in this beautiful sites but also possible for another activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, camping, fishing, mountain climbing. While,  for any of you who like surfing in Aceh, a beautiful beach with good wave waiting for you just 10 minutes from this location.

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