Memang benarlah kata-kata bijak “Tidak Ada yang sempurna di muka bumi ini”. Baru saja saya online dan menemukan sebuah email masuk dana mengatakan “TWITTER WAS HACKED BY IRANIAN CYBER ARMY“. Amazing. Setidaknya ini menjadi salah satu bukti bahwasanya tidak ada ciptaan manusia yang sempurna, kecuali ciptaan-Nya.

Berikut kutipan dari situs : is down, is down (not useful, perhaps they should host it at blogger). Some tweets are getting through at the moment because parts of the API are up. Search also seems to be working. The Firehose is up – Tweets are coming in from FriendFeed (all those tweets about ‘is twitter down’ are from third-party sites).

It is suggested that if you use the same password on your Twitter account with other accounts, now would be a good time to change your password on those other accounts.

There is a history between Iran and Twitter. It was well noted and covered in the media that Twitter was used as a tool during the Iranian election protests. The US government actually intervened to assure that Twitter was available to the protestors in Tehran and around the country. This attack may be an act of reprisal from groups who were not happy with the role that Twitter played during the protests


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